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Choosing the right promotional pens for your company

Promotional pens are everywhere and still are an effective product for promotional brand marketing.

Businesses of all sizes still use promotional pens an advertising tool. Why? Because we all need a pen at some point.

They should be used as a promotional tool to generate brand awareness. But how do you decide on and order pens?


promotional pens

1. Plan your promotional pens in advance

Planning ahead will maximise choices. If you decide to order pens which are too complex to print, or you need large quantities of pens, allow more time. Consider all the options. Consider the lead-times, you do not want to be left without promotional pens during an important event.

2. What is your target audience and purpose?

You need to consider carefully your target audience and what do you want to achieve. It is important to differentiate. Plastic pens, for instance, can be purchased in bulk. They are great for conferences giveaways and will help to build brand awareness. Pens are a great tool to keep your brand in people’s mind. It is important to differentiate

Metal pens are recommended for important events such as sales presentations or meetings.

Pens that come in a box are especially recommended for important clients and/or important meetings.

3. Which pen?

Pens come in many different colour, styles, and shapes. But remember, the branding area is very important. You need to make sure that you have at least your logo, phone number, and your email address. Consider the user of your promotional pen. For example, if your audience is tech savvy, you may want to give them a stylus to use with touch-screens.  The main goal is that your pen is used again and again.

4. Call to action

This the most important part. How should recipients contact you? As mentioned above, you should include at least your logo, phone number, and your email address. But for some campaigns, you may want to include your website and a QR code.

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Promotional Material: how to use QR code printing

Promotional Material: how to use QR code printing

Marketers are using a lot of QR codes on promotional. QR codes are everywhere from cereal boxes to magazines.

But how can you make these black and white squares trend work to your advantage? How can you make the most of QR for your promotional material? You cannot just put a code on every promotional material you plan to give away and expect good results. You need to find a good strategy that works first.

How to use QR codes in your promotional material
  1. Make sure that the QR code has direct calling enabled. This makes it easier for your customers to call you and eliminates the need to find your telephone number.
  2. Link your QR code directly to social media to encourage brand interaction. This is useful to start powerful conversations with your brand users and brand ambassadors. Make sure you test the links first!
  3. Get your trade show attendees to scan a QR code to entered in a draw. This way they will receive your promotional material and you will receive their contact information.
  4. Connect your QR code to a video which clearly illustrates the benefits of your products and services.
  5. If you are a trade show, think of innovative and original ways to use your QR code on promotional material. This can be printed on t-shirts for examples and can generate interest about your brand.
  6. Create separate QR codes on different material to track the popularity of different offers and see how customers respond to different types of promotions.
  7. Build your mailing list with QR codes. Offer some incentives such as a free sample of your products or a small discount.

But where to place QR codes? Flat surfaces work better for QR code scanning, some product are more subjected to wear-and tear and will not work if the print has worn away. Carefully consider long lasting promotional material.

Promotional giveaways | promotional merchandise Ireland

Promotional giveaways: how do you choose the right products?

Promotional giveaways are a good way to advertise your business among your target audience. In addition, studies have shown that promotional products are not perceived as intrusive advertising but help reinforcing a positive association between the product and the company. Promotional giveaways imprinted with your logo will also increase brand recall.

The average cost-per-impression is as low as 0.5 cents for a t-shirt whilst a TV ad is considerably higher. Not all product are suitable for all audiences. How can you ensure that your promotional products are aligned to your target? Before you select your merchandise you should plan carefully.

How do you get the best promotional giveaways that work for your campaigns?
  1. What do you aim to achieve? How will your items be distributed? But most of all, how does your promotional product fits in your overall marketing and promotional strategy? Your products should integrate your marketing program to avoid waste.
  2. Do not select items you like. Are your promotional items relevant to your brand or service your provide? Are they unique? Think out of the box and research your competitors.
  3. What message are you trying to convey? Think about your audience. For example, differentiate from customer and prospect. The message is different for both.
  4. Do not give your promotional product to everyone. Make sure that the person demonstrates some interest in your company.
  5. Make sure you obtain contact information when you give your promotional giveaways. If you don’t your return on investment is low.
  6. Give a way to take action. Include call to actions on your items such as phone number, website and logo.
  7. Don’t select cheap promotional merchandise. It just cheapens your brand. You want to make a long lasting impression.
  8. Least but not last. Check that your promotional merchandise contains the correct information. Do not give items with your wrong telephone number or spelling mistakes. First impressions count.

9 Benefits of giving promotional corporate gifts


Promotional corporate gifts can be any product from pens and office supplies to usb keys and drinking bottles that contain your company’s logo and name on them. Here are 9 ways in which giving these promotional products as corporate gifts can benefit your business.

Corporate Gifts

By giving these corporate gifts you can:


1. Develop your B2B relationships

Companies are comprised of people, and people just love receiving gifts. They are also more likely to pay attention when receiving a gift. If the promotional product you give can be used frequently in an office environment. It will remind that office of your helpfulness and good will. This can go a long way when developing relationships with current and prospective clients.


2. Raise your brand’s awareness

Using promotional material as corporate gifts quite literally puts your name out there. By distributing gifts with your business name, logo and contact information, you are spreading awareness of your company. By receiving something free from your company, they associate with the gift and in turn, your company, positively.


3. Save your business money

Corporate gifts are an incredibly cost-effective method of advertising. As they are usually retained and used quite frequently, the cost per impression is minimal compared to other forms of mass media or targeted advertising.


4. Maintain customer loyalty

Customers who receive corporate gifts are more likely to give you repeat business. It also enforces the partnership link between your business stakeholders. Giving corporate gifts reminds the receiver that their business is important to you. This is a positive feeling that increases loyalty.


5. Improve customer image and perception

By receiving a gift, you develop a positive perception of the giver. The idea of giving is associated with goodwill. By giving corporate gifts to your stakeholders and prospective clients, you improve your company’s image and increase positive perceptions.


6. Generate more leads

By distributing your company’s logo, name and contact details on corporate gifts, you increase awareness, interest and curiosity in your business. You can use gifts as an incentive to capture email addresses or sign up for free trials. Customers are much more receptive to a company that gives them free gifts.


7. Generate more referrals

Your customers are very useful in generating new leads. By asking them to provide referrals, you can capitalise upon their vast connections. You can use promotional products to encourage lead generation. Offer them as incentives to gain these referrals.


8. Increase sales

Customers who receive corporate gifts are more likely to spend more on products and services from the company that gave it. Sales will also naturally increase in accordance with increased goodwill and brand awareness. Customers feel they get more value for money or are highly valued will buy more from your company.


9. Develop employee relations

By giving gifts to your staff, you can improve the attitudes of your employees. By rewarding them for good work with company branded gifts, it reminds them of how valued they are to the company. It motivates staff to win these awards and increases production. You can also reinforce a company’s ethos or slogan through repetition on promotional products.


Promotional corporate gifts are a cost effective and dependable way to give your company advantages in the business world.

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s a good idea to incorporate promotional gifts into your marketing strategy.