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Promotional giveaways: how do you choose the right products?

Promotional giveaways are a good way to advertise your business among your target audience. In addition, studies have shown that promotional products are not perceived as intrusive advertising but help reinforcing a positive association between the product and the company. Promotional giveaways imprinted with your logo will also increase brand recall.

The average cost-per-impression is as low as 0.5 cents for a t-shirt whilst a TV ad is considerably higher. Not all product are suitable for all audiences. How can you ensure that your promotional products are aligned to your target? Before you select your merchandise you should plan carefully.

How do you get the best promotional giveaways that work for your campaigns?
  1. What do you aim to achieve? How will your items be distributed? But most of all, how does your promotional product fits in your overall marketing and promotional strategy? Your products should integrate your marketing program to avoid waste.
  2. Do not select items you like. Are your promotional items relevant to your brand or service your provide? Are they unique? Think out of the box and research your competitors.
  3. What message are you trying to convey? Think about your audience. For example, differentiate from customer and prospect. The message is different for both.
  4. Do not give your promotional product to everyone. Make sure that the person demonstrates some interest in your company.
  5. Make sure you obtain contact information when you give your promotional giveaways. If you don’t your return on investment is low.
  6. Give a way to take action. Include call to actions on your items such as phone number, website and logo.
  7. Don’t select cheap promotional merchandise. It just cheapens your brand. You want to make a long lasting impression.
  8. Least but not last. Check that your promotional merchandise contains the correct information. Do not give items with your wrong telephone number or spelling mistakes. First impressions count.