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Promotional Material: how to use QR code printing

Promotional Material: how to use QR code printing

Marketers are using a lot of QR codes on promotional. QR codes are everywhere from cereal boxes to magazines.

But how can you make these black and white squares trend work to your advantage? How can you make the most of QR for your promotional material? You cannot just put a code on every promotional material you plan to give away and expect good results. You need to find a good strategy that works first.

How to use QR codes in your promotional material
  1. Make sure that the QR code has direct calling enabled. This makes it easier for your customers to call you and eliminates the need to find your telephone number.
  2. Link your QR code directly to social media to encourage brand interaction. This is useful to start powerful conversations with your brand users and brand ambassadors. Make sure you test the links first!
  3. Get your trade show attendees to scan a QR code to entered in a draw. This way they will receive your promotional material and you will receive their contact information.
  4. Connect your QR code to a video which clearly illustrates the benefits of your products and services.
  5. If you are a trade show, think of innovative and original ways to use your QR code on promotional material. This can be printed on t-shirts for examples and can generate interest about your brand.
  6. Create separate QR codes on different material to track the popularity of different offers and see how customers respond to different types of promotions.
  7. Build your mailing list with QR codes. Offer some incentives such as a free sample of your products or a small discount.

But where to place QR codes? Flat surfaces work better for QR code scanning, some product are more subjected to wear-and tear and will not work if the print has worn away. Carefully consider long lasting promotional material.